Friday, January 2, 2009

Late Post

15th of Dec, we had visitors from Gerik.
They were Meicing and Suah Kean.
The awesome plan for that day was supposed to be having lunch at Flemiington Hotel
But due to some problems..we kept waiting for everyone to arrive first
waiting..waiting and waiting..
at last we couldnt even get a single seat but only after 2pm =.=

Not too least my dear friends "visited" the toilet there
and we went up to view the first ever swimming pool for a hotel in my hometown
Bloody hot up there and everyone didnt feel like standing there for that irritating sunburn

Plan B: change location for lunch and most importantly DRINKS!


Now I "proudly" introduce you my friend,马公公!

He's the "Man"..He needed to drink 3 JumboS ^^

Happy chit-chatting with the ex-classmates
But there were 2 gangs
Gang no.1 : gossip + nonsense topics
Gang no.2: studies + Uni stuffs' topics

Guess which group i was joining?
Nah...everyone knows! Of course the studies' topics la..LOL

Next! ReD Box
Ooops..should be ReX Box

After "screaming" for the FIRST song..i lost my voice =.=
For the entire 3-hour-singing session
I had been doing the so-called yelling..screaming.."kek-ing"..and "dying" business

The awesome's awesome schedule of that day will be the splendid photo shooting with dear friends at Lake Garden

I love this ! I am Pro!

This one ar? Ok Ok lor..because not Pro like me..hahas


Another random one..i likey! =D

Happy day out with them..
laughter laughter and laughter
As a result, tired of laughing that day

Tomorrow i will be leaving
Hmm..Ok..New Semester
Because Mum is nagging me to off my laptop nao! =(
Cant continue blogging..cincai end my post here la..bye~